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Why Choose Elite Baseball Training?

We believe that every player is unique and different. They learn in different ways. Players come from different backgrounds, have different strengths and weaknesses, and different needs in this constantly evolving game. We take great pride in employing staff that can not only coach the team as a whole, but coach each player in the way they need to excel to the best of their ability. We understand that we aren’t just coaches, we are role models. Being a travel baseball player and parent is a very demanding task, and as much as we ask from you, we do everything we can to make sure your experience at Elite far outweighs your expectations.

On a developmental side, Elite Baseball Training are leaders in baseball player development. We hold player development contracts with multiple Division I college programs and work with one Major League Baseball organization as Biokinematic consultants. Simply put, the best come to learn from us. Each player that comes into our organization has access to the same training and technology that some of the top collegiate and pro players in the country use on a daily basis, and no other program in the country can match this.

Youth Teams (10u – 14u)

Our youth program is all about developing the individual athlete. Players receive customized youth strength and conditioning plans, have position specific defensive workouts, weekly hitting groups, and get to go through the full pro style swing evaluation process in our BioTech Cage. Every practice is detail oriented and customized to the player based on their strengths and weaknesses.

High School Teams (15u – 17u)

Choosing the right team for the high school aged player is extremely important. That is why we employ a full time college liaison to help you every step of the way. From what it takes to get to the next level, to what showcases to attend or not attend and everything in between, we possess the knowledge and experience that is crucial in this process. Our team has connections to almost every school in the country, no matter how big or small, and we work very hard to help your dreams of being a college baseball player come true. This can be a difficult and tedious process, but you will be in great hands at Elite.

Looking to play at the collegiate level? We employ a full time college placement specialist to help you and your family realize that dream. On the development side, we offer full biokinematic evaluations you cannot get anywhere else utilizing our BioTech Cage. All of our hitters development plans are written by MLB Director of Hitting Justin Stone by analyzing the data collected through the swing testing process. Players also receive customized strength and conditioning plans based on strength and mobility screens that are done each fall for every player.

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