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Fall Evaluations

Movement Screenings & Strength Plans

Fall ball at Elite is all about evaluating each individual. This starts with our Movement Screening process. Each player will go through this process and have a strength and conditioning plan assigned to them based on the results.

BioTech Cage Swing Evaluations

Every year our players get to step into the most technologically advanced batting cage in the world to analyze their current swings. Utilizing our Bertec Force Plate, KVest, Blast Motion Sensor, and Ball Tracking systems we can analyze the creation, transfer and output of force and identify exactly the moment in time you need to improve in your swing. This is something you can’t get anywhere else!

This data is all stored in the NEW KGO app power by KMotion. This app stores each individual’s swing data and coaches will use this to guide 4 on 1 (see below) drill work.

Throwing Assessment & Personalized Programming

In addition to the player’s Movement Screen and Swing Testing, every player will go through strength and throwing tests. The results will be used to program an at home throwing routine. Players will test twice during the year.

The first test will generate a fall throwing program. This will take the player up to our arm shut down period.

The second test will build the player’s winter/spring preseason throwing program with the goal being every athlete’s arm is strong and healthy before the spring season opens up.

Winter Training Calendar

Position Specific Defensive Work

Players choose their primary defensive position for 6-weeks of position specific defensive training on weekends. Infielders, Outfielders and Catchers get on a full indoor infield for these 6 weeks. Pitchers utilize the Bradley Sports Center weight room and are lead through an on-ramping arm program lead by Head Instructor Travis Kerber.

4 on 1 Hitting and Pitching Groups

From December through the end of the training calendar players will have a “4 on 1” group on a weeknight. This will be a hitting group for position players and a pitching group for primary pitchers.

With the information gathered from the movement screening and swing testing, coaches know exactly what each individual is working on and how to get them to accomplish their goals.

Team Practices

After the completion of the Position Specific training, the weekend practice shifts to team practices. Team Practices will consist of 1 hour of on field work and 1 hour of hitting work.


EliteBaseball.TV is a streaming site that houses all of Elite Baseball Training’s Hitting, Pitching, Infield and Catching progressions.  Every player in the Elite Baseball Training organization will have full access to EliteBaseball.TV.  This allows players to train on their own time using the drills and information they are getting during their team training sessions.  Elite and Premier players can now train with a consistent message and plan to maximize their individual skill development.

Training Partnerships & Facilities:

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