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Here is an outline of your yearly schedule with Elite

August: Tryouts have concluded and this period is used as rest after a busy summer. During this time we encourage our players to enjoy their off time and get ready for fall ball.

September: Fall ball begins. This will mean something different for every team. For high level teams, this will mean showcase tournaments such as Perfect Game Kernals and WWBA in Jupiter, FL. For others, you will have weekly scrimmages and practices, and play more local tournaments. Fall is a time for development and will be treated as such. While winning is nice, the emphasis is on personal and team development.

Also during this period you will have your physical assessments. You will go through a complete mobility screen to determine your physical weaknesses, as well as use K-Vest technology, force plates, blast bat sensors, Rapsodo, and other technology to create an action plan that will be conveniently uploaded into your phone app to track your progress and measurements throughout the year. Your plan will be written by Justin Stone.

October: Fall continues until the middle of the month. This is followed by a mandatory arm shut down period.

November: Position specific defensive training starts. You will be broken down into an individual position and will train accordingly. During this 6 week period, you will be trained by current MLB, college, and Minor League coaches. You will also be fitted for uniforms and your summer schedule should be nearly complete.

December: 4×1 (no more than 4 players per coach) small group hitting starts. You will follow your detailed action plan based on the needs of your swing. Speed/strength/agility training will also begin. Once again, this will be customized to your needs. Secondary assessments will be done this month as well.

January: 4×1 training continues and team practices start with your spring/summer coach. Uniforms will be delivered to your door.

February: Continuation of last month. For high school players, live hitting and pitching will begin. Our annual college presentation will be given and college recruiting videos will be shot for those pitchers who are ready.

March: With HS players departing, this is the final week for youth players indoors. They will start live pitching/hitting.

April: Games start for youth. Weekly outdoor practices start as well.

May: Continuation of last month.

June: HS players return and will start their summer schedules. Recruiting videos will be shot for position players.

July: Summer schedules continue and tryouts begin. We will also host our annual ELITE College Showcase. This is attended by 10-12 high level D1 schools as well as a few more local schools.

Training Partnerships & Facilities:

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